My story.. long awaited.

Ever since I was in childhood, I was captivated by ice-skating. It would take until my teenage years before I gave it serious attention. Like many I tried different products and eventually made my way into inline-speedskating.

The asphalt around my home was good but deceptively rough, not thinking any about it I wondered why every time after a training I got a headache.


At the time I trained on Mogema Dualbox frames with 85a wheels. They were made for inline competition, not daily exercise.


When I found out I bought Powerslide frames which were slightly more forgiving, but not nearly enough.


Not satisfied I next tried softer wheels… bad idea.


Meanwhile I got into studying ‘Product Design and Engineering’ at the technical university in my local city.

Wonder what happened next? Well, I designed my own adaptations on inline skating products.

Backed by skill in CAD design software I got very fond at it.

Every time searching for more comfort while maintaining speed in the inline-skating exercise.


First, I drilled holes in the wheels for air cushioning. It worked but lessened stability.

People in my local skating team were surprised I did this myself.


Creative as I was, next tried angled wheels, some kind of big angled wheels, adapted it to my own shoes and frames made of wood and plastic.

Don’t try this yourself.


I designed countless (more than twenty) spring-loaded frames and found out others did before me.

And there was the “Hydroskate”. Look it up if you like. There were so many creative idea’s...


I also tried skating on two wheels, leaving the middle ones…


Hang on... That’s comfortable, especially with bigger wheels.

It didn’t work at first, but then found a way of optimizing the composition of the different elements, a design perspective I learned at university.


Here we are, on my own project website reading the background story of the OnTwo project. The first well designed patented two-wheeled inline-skate.


It’s so light.. responsive.. fast.. comfortable..

and now you can get your own pair!


Best regards,